Training & Development

Whether you’re an employee of Fire Hospitality or an Employer wanting to deliver training across your workforce, or an individual learner needing to update or learn new skills, we can help.

We offer a wide variety of courses covering areas such as food hygiene, health and safety & business skills

Striving To Cover All Your Training & Development Needs

As we have grown ourselves, we have invested in Training & Developing our team and we also believe that everyone deserves the life-changing opportunity to learn the skills they need to unlock and fulfil their potential.


That empowered, upskilled people are fundamental to any business growth and to help gain long-term competitive advantage, with Hospitality Sector needing to attract and keep people in this sector now is an even more important time to empower.

How we help you….

At Fire Hospitality Recruitment we take great pride in our work and offer a highly personal, professional service for every candidate and client we work with. Together we possess a huge depth of industry knowledge and we use our experience to listen and advise while offering a true consultancy service.

When you come to work for us as a temporary employee we want you to also gain life-enhancing skills and qualifications.

What we believe in….

Your training should never be a tick-box exercise – whether mandatory or not. Each element of every programme is carefully planned and highly relevant to you. Therefore, taking this approach, no time is lost. You will feel you are engaged and get the most out of furthering your experience and career while working with Fire Hospitality.

To continually develop and enhance your skills and experience while working with Fire Hospitality.

To lead the way in making Hospitality the profession it should be by offering relevant, accredited and widely-recognised courses.

Fire Hospitality will work to develop your skills, utilising online resources and our in-house training facilities

Why work with us….

With more than 60 years working operationally in the Hospitality and Leisure sector, we’ve learned all about the challenges in those industries. Now we’re using our experience to help others.

Working in partnership with employers across the UK, we can create bespoke, accredited training programmes, that equip staff with business-boosting skills and experience.

We see things from a commercial point of view – unlike many generic providers. So whether you’re looking for short, mandatory training courses or longer-term apprenticeship delivery, we’ll design a programme that adds real value for your business.

Learners, of course, are also welcome to come to us directly for industry skills training. Just search our courses or get in touch for more information about us and how we can help.

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